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You are here because you want to know who Jürgen Wagentrotz is, what he has done so far and what he wants to do in the future.

As you can see in my CV, in 2004 I originally planned to retire after a thoroughly successful business life.

Due to my old and unbroken love for roulette, the most exciting and fairest gambling game with the biggest odds, I am now back as a consulting insider for casinos. - And this is how it happend:

The established European casino are facing a vital reform, which has become urgent due to the increasingly popular online casinos.

Gone are the days when the players would have come to a simple garage just to experience the thrill and excitement of seeing the roulette wheel spin.

Casino managers currently lament the lack of participation in classic table games, however this issue does not really exist.

Intended prohibitions or thumping on traditional gambling monopolies are useless in the age of globalization. The online casinos have long been operating legally and across Europe, equipped with state licenses from Malta or Gibraltar. Therefore, new ideas and wearable concepts are needed.

Due to my valuable contacts, which I maintained for years as a former publisher of the 30-year-old casino magazine ROULETTE, I have recently been invited more and more often to consultant discussions in the executive floors of European casinos.

As a result I founded the consultant company "International Gaming Consulting Ltd." at my place of residence in Antigua in 2017 and am passing on my expertise, practical experience and network to interested casinos. Under my management, "International Gaming Consulting Ltd.", became a highly specialized, internationally active consulting firm in the gambling sector.

Our expertise is the holistic consulting and professional support of managers and executives in the area of European land based casinos and online casinos. Ostensibly taking into account and complying with regulatory and legal requirements and ensuring corporate governance.

"International Gaming Consulting Ltd." was founded in Antigua in 2017, and since then we have been supporting numerous gambling companies worldwide with our international team.

Our core competence is marketing, service, support, variety of offers and customer loyalty.

We mainly work on a project basis, take over every consultation as an independent project and support our customers until the final implementation. In order to support our customers holistically, we also provide them with our managed services, with which we support our customers during ongoing operations.

We have over 40 years of hands-on casino experience and, in addition to our universal expertise, have a large, reputed and global network.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely

Jürgen Wagentrotz


Vita Jürgen Wagentrotz

Born in Erfurt / Thüringen

Apprenticeship as hotel manager

Escape from the German Democratic Republic, 16 days before the Berlin Wall was built

Start of self-employment as a furniture and textile merchant, founding a chain of 6 furniture stores

Acquisition of a publishing company

Publishing of the casino magazine ROULETTE

Managing partner of a property developer company; development, construction and marketing of the citizens' residential home „Wohnpark Erfurt-Frienstedt“ (500 houses/flats)

Founding CasinoClub, later sold to an American Internet casino operator

Privatization and financial support of a large charity organization in Ethiopia

Majority shareholder of Oil + Gas Invest AG

Elected as the sole member of the Executive Board of the German OGI AG and as president of the American holding in Alabama, USA

Founding of the casino consultancy company "International Gaming Consulting Ltd." based in Antigua W.I.